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How to prepare a Best Man speech

Preparing the Best Man’s speech is no different from preparing any other speech.  The same disciplines work.  You’ll be trying to make your listners feel good.   You’ll also be trying to make yourself feel, look and sound good. Above all, … Continue reading

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Comment on (a) marriage

Charles Saatchi’s ‘small domestic’ that went viral has prompted me to put fingers to keyboard to comment on his marriage in particular and marriage in general. He had a row in public with his wife. Is it any of our … Continue reading

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Is the weed controlling your life?

I gave up smoking one Friday afternoon when I was a couple of months shy of my 30th birthday. Not a single puff since. Having started smoking at the age of 12, I was a 15-20 a day man. In … Continue reading

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Just to be different

Weekend shoppers thronged the High Street, many with children in tow. One young girl stopped to stare with wide eyes at a copper statue of a man with a hat. Her mouth dropped open when the statue bent over to … Continue reading

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Debasing the currency of compassion

I was on a train to London in the middle of the afternoon when an attractive but slightly scruffy honey blonde came through from the next carriage. She placed a packet of facial tissues on the seat in front of … Continue reading

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