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I am a wordsmith. I work as a copywriter and trainer in communication skills. For eight years I was Senior Copywriter at Reader's Digest, London, then Creative Director of PKP Communications Limited, a Direct Marketing creative agency. My business background is in speciality selling and direct marketing. In public speaking I have won more titles than anyone in Europe, including UK Champion seven times, and World No.2. Got a speech or presentation to deliver, or a mailing to send out? I can help. Let's meet for copy.

Why I lost my watch at Dublin airport

I was early getting to Dublin airport. After the Bag Drop, we strolled over to the Departure Gate and scanned our Boarding Passes, declined the offers of clear plastic bags for liquids and toothpaste and joined one of the funnels … Continue reading

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Can you rely on your High Street bank?

Imagine you were a 65-year old pensioner and sole trader, banking with a High Street bank which claimed to be the best one for small businesses like yours. One day you decide to take charge of your accounting because your … Continue reading

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Corporate bullying is killing her

A friend of mine has been driven to the edge of financial and health collapse by corporate bullying and overwhelming bureaucracy. She has been badly let let down by the very organisations that were set up to help people in … Continue reading

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Was it sang froid that night in Wexford?

It was a night to remember at the Opera, but not for the usual reasons. Back in 1979, Wexford in Ireland staged a performance that has passed into the folklore of stage productions. The opera was La Vestale by Spontini, … Continue reading

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Knowing that you know

And a woman said, “Master, speak to us about ageing.” And the Master said: “There will come a time when the lessons of life’s experiences coalesce into understanding and mature into wisdom. For what is wisdom, save the enlightened state … Continue reading

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in July 2001, and I was driving my Irish girlfriend, Evelyn, to Stansted airport to catch her flight home after the weekend we had shared in Bromley. She was asleep beside me and I … Continue reading

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With nothing to read

Going up to London for a course, on Sunday, my iPhone search indicated a Victoria train at 8:37 a.m. My wife dropped me off at the station early — 8:28, but when I arrived at the platform I saw that … Continue reading

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The Vulture Culture

Imagine this scenario. You go down the High Street and pop into a shop to buy a pair of shoes. You try on several pairs, choose one, and take it to the counter to pay. “How would you like to … Continue reading

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A great Curry Evening for Jimmy Mizen

The mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, supported a Curry Evening in aid of the Jimmy Mizen Foundation. Jimmy Mizen was a teenager who was murdered in South London five years ago, and his parents, Barry and Margaret set up … Continue reading

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How to prepare a Best Man speech

Preparing the Best Man’s speech is no different from preparing any other speech.  The same disciplines work.  You’ll be trying to make your listners feel good.   You’ll also be trying to make yourself feel, look and sound good. Above all, … Continue reading

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