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Demand & Supply or abuse of trading power?

Imagine a boiling hot day when you and your family are playing in the park or on the beach, and the exertion makes you all very thirsty.  The children are becoming distressed, but there’s no water to be had.  Then … Continue reading

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Email better

These days much of our business correspondence is conducted by e-mail rather than the conventional ‘snail mail’.  Unhappily, certain conventions have been lost or overlooked in the process, and can give rise to abrasion, especially when there are cultural differences … Continue reading

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When you need a *good* Copywriter

If you are looking for a copywriter, you may like to know how to distinguish the good ones from the rest. Let me offer you a couple of tips. There are broadly two kinds of copywriters: those who can write … Continue reading

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Can you win too often?

There’s a chap who’s good at growing carrots and other vegetables. He enters them in competitions, and year after year he has won. Now the organisers of the competitions have asked him not to enter any more because his repeated … Continue reading

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