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Can you rely on your High Street bank?

Imagine you were a 65-year old pensioner and sole trader, banking with a High Street bank which claimed to be the best one for small businesses like yours. One day you decide to take charge of your accounting because your … Continue reading

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Corporate bullying is killing her

A friend of mine has been driven to the edge of financial and health collapse by corporate bullying and overwhelming bureaucracy. She has been badly let let down by the very organisations that were set up to help people in … Continue reading

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The Vulture Culture

Imagine this scenario. You go down the High Street and pop into a shop to buy a pair of shoes. You try on several pairs, choose one, and take it to the counter to pay. “How would you like to … Continue reading

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Online alienation

This morning I tried to buy some sheet music online. I’ve done it before, and expected it to be straightforward. It wasn’t. This was an outfit I had not used before, and will never use again. First I was sent … Continue reading

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Who speaks for your company?

If your first response was to think of the CEO, Chairman or some other top person, please pause and think again. I wrote this blog a year ago, but recent experiences in shops and restaurants have prompted me to publish … Continue reading

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