Should Comic Relief allow the abuse of an animal?

Comic Relief is putting its ‘feel good’ reputation at risk by associating itself with an outrageous proposal by Lily Allen to slaughter a pig in the name of the highest bidder. This is a monstrous idea that can only come from someone without an ounce of feeling for a sentient being.

Let me declare at the outset that I am not a vegetarian, and I do eat meat. However, I do not treat animals with disrespect or consider it appropriate to make the life of an animal the subject of a fund-raising stunt.

I do not know who this Lily Allen person is, although she seems to be described as a singer. Perhaps she is hoping to raise her own profile by proposing this heinous and despicable event that degrades the animal and will besmirch the honour of anyone who participates in it.

This is at the same level as cock fighting, bear baiting and all the other revolting practices of past, uncivilised times, when people got their kicks from the anguish of animals. Since then, laws have been passed to protect the dignity of animals, even those that are killed for food.

This abhorrent idea from an odious minor celebrity must be abandoned by Comic Relief, whose organisers should be ashamed of themselves for not throwing it out from the start. It’s nothing less than the unspeakable abuse of an animal, and unworthy of a charity.

If it goes ahead, I shall campaign vociferously against the charity at every possible opportunity in the future, and I urge every right-minded man and woman to do the same. Meanwhile, call 0207 820 2000 and tell them to stop. Call them now.


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