A time of uncertaiinty

When Barclays Bank announced a ‘rationalisation’ of their business, which would result in the loss of hundreds of jobs, a cold wind must have been felt throughout the land.  Dozens of investment bankers might have taken a closer look at their CVs.

Although it was stated that the 3,700 job losses are expected to be mainly in other countries, the impact must have been felt here. Insecurity is infectious.

Banks have not been immune from financial scandals, and Robert Peston, the BBC’s Business Editor, reported that heads may roll at RBS over Libor. What does a high flyer do when suddenly faced with the prospect of looking for another job? Every industry is cutting back, and there are no more jobs for life.

It’s well known that there is a trend towards going it alone, but that will not appeal to everyone. And, in any case, firms are still recruiting, even if they are being more selective than before. So it makes sense to take a close look at the way you present your credentials.

The same principles apply as in Marketing. You cannot expect to succeed by playing the numbers game – sending out a standard CV to dozens of employers in the hope that one or two of them will be looking for someone matching your description. It is essential to identify what makes you different from and better than other candidates.

Your CV is your sales presentation. It’s a specialist skill to write an exceptional one. Sadly, too many CVs follow a standard template that was probably prepared by someone with no sales or marketing experience. The failure rate is great – and inevitable.

It’s really worth getting the best professional help. A good place to start is at CV-Masterclass.


About phillipkp

I am a wordsmith. I work as a copywriter and trainer in communication skills. For eight years I was Senior Copywriter at Reader's Digest, London, then Creative Director of PKP Communications Limited, a Direct Marketing creative agency. My business background is in speciality selling and direct marketing. In public speaking I have won more titles than anyone in Europe, including UK Champion seven times, and World No.2. Got a speech or presentation to deliver, or a mailing to send out? I can help. Let's meet for copy.
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